Alienwebshop has been providing web hosting services and 
IT consulting 
since 1999.


Alienwebshop has been providing secure, inexpensive domains since 2000.  We are a proud reseller of Tucows Domains.

For more information about our our offering of top-level domains and our domain pricing, visit our Domains page.

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We can help your business migrate to the cloud with Google Apps, allowing you to save money and reduce IT hassles.  

Google Apps for Business ($50/user/year) - unlimited accounts

Businesses requiring additional accounts or additional enterprise capabilities can get started with Google Apps for Business for only $50/year ($5/month) per user.  Google Apps for Business Accounts include all of the features of the free Google Apps accounts, in addition to:
Discounts are provided for orders of 50 accounts or more.  Contact us for more information about how we can help your business migrate to Google Apps.


Web Hosting

Shared web hosting services are available at several levels and all include a website using your domain name, disk space, email accounts, ability to add sub-domains, DNS and mail forwarding services, ability to run CGI and PHP scripts and access via FTP, SSH and a web-based control panel (cPanel).
  • Basic Web Hosting ($10 setup, $100/year)
    • 250MB storage
    • 5 email accounts
    • 5 sub-domains
  • Advanced Web Hosting ($15 setup, $150/year)
    • 500MB of storage
    • 10 email accounts
    • 10 sub-domains
    • 1 MySQL database
  • Supreme Web Hosting ($25 setup, $250/year)
    • 1GB of storage
    • 20 email accounts
    • 20 sub-domains
    • 1 MySQL databse

Database Hosting

MySQL database services are available for current hosting customers who need additional databases for their Advanced or Supreme web hosting services.
  • Basic Database Hosting ($5 setup, $50/year)
  • Additional options available upon request.

DNS & Mail Forwarding

DNS & Mail Forwarding services are included free with all Alienwebshop domain names and hosting services.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) ($6 setup, $30/year)
  • Mail Forwarding Service ($6 setup, $30/year)
  • DNS & Mail Forwarding ($10 setup, $50/year)


Storage services are available for current hosting customers who need additional capacity for their Basic, Advanced or Supreme Web Hosting services, Databases or User Accounts.
  • 250MB ($50/year)
  • 1GB ($150/year)

User Accounts

Basic user accounts are offered for users that need email or UNIX access without the need for web hosting services.
  • Email Account with IMAP/POP/SMTP/webmali access ($30/year)
  • UNIX Shell Account with SSH access ($50/year)


We provide a wide range of services to meet your IT consulting needs.  Our capabilities include:
  • Cloud Services
  • Google Apps Migration Services
  • Security, Authentication & Audit Services
  • Web Application Development Services
  • Collaboration & Communication Services
  • Large-scale & High-performance Computing Services
  • Networking & Infrastructure Services
Contact us for more information about how we we can help your business.